Voted Back-to-Back Best PT Clinic in Mercer County
Tired Of Being Held Back By Pain And Not Living Life To The Fullest?
Mercer County's Top PTs Can Get You Long-Term Pain Relief Without Surgery or Pain-Medication
We Specialize in Helping Active Adults Ages 25-55 Get Out of Pain and Back to Doing What They Love
We've been consistently voted Best PT Clinic in Mercer County for a reason. We've helped hundreds of people end their pain and reclaim their active lifestyles...even when all else failed.
“If you come here for one week and you don't feel better, bill me.” 
- Steve O'Neal - Active Dad
Can Next Level Physical Therapy Actually Help Me?
Does Next Level Physical Therapy Take My Insurance? 
Yes, we do take insurance. Everyone's insurance plans are different, so the details depend on your coverage. But let's find out what's causing the pain first.
Where is Next Level Physical Therapy Located?
We have two convenient locations located right here in Mercer County, NJ.
Does Next Level Physical Therapy Fit My Schedule? 
We have early morning and evening sessions that will fit your schedule.
Who This Is For:
-You're in pain and looking for a deeper solution
-You've tried basic exercises and stretches and want something more effective
-You understand the best solution would be for us to diagnose the deep problem and develop a personalized program 
Who This Isn't For:
-You expect a magic pill that will be a quick fix 
-You're not open to solutions outside of conventional exercises/stretches
-Getting out of pain is not a priority 
See How We Created Massive Transformations For People Just Like You
Dana is happier back to interacting with his kids pain-free
Laurie is back to marathon training after a leg stress fracture

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